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Also, diese Seite soll vorallem dazu dienen, meine selbstgeschriebenen Gedichte zu veröffentlichen. In wieweit es sich wirklich um "Gedichte" handelt sei einmal dahingestellt, da sie sich meistens nicht reimen und auch äußerst selten soetwas wie einen erkennbaren Rhytmus aufweisen (Was nicht bedeutet dass sie nicht rhytmisch sind. In meinem Kopf ist das nämlich durchaus der Fall! xP ). Nennen wir es also einfach ein paar kurze Gedanken von mir, die ich zu Papier gebracht habe. Da ich mir nicht sicher bin wie verständlich die Texte sind, werde ich evtl. irgendwann einmal ein paar kurze Erklärungen dazu geben, wie sie zu interpretieren sind bzw wie ich sie interpretiere. Natürlich kann sich gerne jeder seine eigenen Gedanken dazu machen...

Bisher sind sie alle auf englisch, da ich festgestellt habe, dass es mir mit dieser Sprache einfach leichter fällt, zu schreiben. Englisch bietet einfach eine gute Möglichkeit seine Gefühle aufzuschreiben und sie trotdzem nicht jedem preiszugeben! xP Naja, langer Rede kurzer Sinn, viel Spaß beim Lesen!


For Lily

Dear Lily,
First of all I have to say I’m sorry
For all the wrong I’ve done to you
But have no fear
The three of us know that it never was your fault
The blame is on me
To fall in love
In love with you
Would I have controlled me feelings
Emotions I had on you
Nothing bad at all had taken place

But dear Lily,
Understand me, though I’m guilty
I’m a mere victim myself
Cause emotions are a virus
Love is a disease
That jumps around
From one to the other
Like a flea
Sucking up our blood
And infecting us with the darkest poison
Well, Lily this insect, this bug
It jumped from you, to me
And now that I know I love you
And now that I know you love him
All that’s left for me’s to go

But dear Lily,
don’t be sad, you won’t miss me
I promise
Because me
That is only one being
A lifeless corpse born from mud
And going back to mud again
But you’ll miss the thing we had together
The sunrise that only the two of us could see
The warm air that only the two of us could feel
The flowers and the blossoms only the two of us could smell
So what you’ll miss, it won’t be me
But the Idea that I embodied 

So dear Lily,
When they carry me away
Don’t hug my lifeless body
Just hug the paintings that I made
For all of the soul I represented
Lies within the art that I created

Dear Lily,
One last breath and then…


I would sacrifice myself for love

This might only be a joke
So meet me there
On April the first
At the old graveyard
And we will battle it out
The one who’ll drop dead first
Will be the winner
And will get the girl
So load your gun correctly
I’ll play Russian roulette with your emotions
Because love IS an egoistic game
And the act that’ll make you a beast of darkness
Will make me messiah and I’ll rule
The temple that is build up in hear heart

The loser takes it all, my friend
The loser takes it all, my foe
So go on, shoot me
I want her to kiss my broken heart

Because I’d sacrifice myself for love
And all you’d give away was me


Lady anarchy kissed me

Your eyes told me
Anarchy is your mother
So come here
Kiss me
Let me suck up liberty now
I wanna taste your freedom for
I never tasted it before
So come here kill your ego now
and we can kill some time together

Baby, you know I’ll
Probably forget your name tomorrow
But you know I’ll never
Forget the taste your lips had
On mine that certain night
The thing you said that day
Was right, we speak in different dialects
But our bodies language was the same
Damn, you know, I think
I’ll never find a girl like you again 

I could make a joke about it
I could kill myself right now because
It’d never be that good again
And everybody would be angry
Except you
Because I think, you did understand me
After all.
Or where you the one that made me the way I am today? 

If yes, thank you.

And today it may not seem enough
But for six days I think I was in love


Pale horse poetry

Divine, Divine, Divine
My god, I feel so dead
My god, I need more wine
My god, I need more bread
I feel so thirsty, this hunger hurts
How can this be?
How can this happen to me, to me
Who rules this world
Please, Please, don’t let me die

I need some time, time to cry

The second that you fled me
I know someone was about to die
For the stress that god put on me
I shall kill hundreds of his children
Like a beast I’ll feast on corpses
Cause as a human I could not bear
Such a giant mass of pain

But seeing what immortally made me
I shall create a sacred weapon
Put it in your hands
And pull the trigger
Cause from your lips I was born
And from your hands I shall die

My life was happy
My death wrote pale horse poetry
And life’s not blood
Life is love.

Sincerely, your Vlad


Pull the trigger now and give your past a death

How could all of this happen?
Why did this planet stop and start
Turning itself the wrong way round
As I see the city burning out of my vision
And the gun in my hands
My god, look at me, I aim in your direction
And I know any second I’ll pull the trigger
Because you slaughtered her down
Our love
And I still feel her ghost above me
How could all of this happen?

Do you remember? When we were kids?
We used to hang out a lot together
You were the one to show me what was right
And what is wrong, you directed me on my
Strangest paths trough life.
And all you wanted from me in return
Was nothing. Or maybe the whole world at once

And then there was her. Do you even remember?
She was so pure. She was and complete angel
And I think that is what made you turn into a beast.
But then, her being good you being bad,
what am I here for, after all?
Maybe I’m just a tool of them
Or I’m just nothing after all
But I’ll put he equation to an end
Cause without her around
I’m sure you don’t have a right
To be here in the end.

So goodbye, my friend
I’ll kill you and I’ll build a temple
For you
For her
And for everything that happened


The ashes

My friend I kissed your mother
On the cheek, I hugged your brother
And then I left.
I just took off my tie
And put on my shades
And jumped in my car.
And then I drove home. 

But your ashes won’t leave, I swear
I’ll keep them in my hand and care
About your memory, that could be mine as well
I will light a flame in the Atlantic
I promise, I’ll make your killers frantic
And the seas will burn as if you never died!

And within my egoistic lament
About me being unable to say
„Good bye!“ to you, I realize
Would you have ever heard these words
From my mouth, you would have knocked me
Down to the floor and spit on me
For being such a coward.

But maybe you’re right, I am a fool
Cause without you, I am nothing
Just a hollow seeking for revenge
Just an amateur without a thing to like
It’s strange, I would like to die in youth
But I know that this is not my way
I’m here to stay, to keep your ashes
And you memory
But, please, don’t be angry
I don’t fear the ghost of you, no longer
And I blow your dust in the Atlantic
And then I’m free

Goodbye, Goodbye,
I’ll live my own life from now on.


The time loop

When I was young I
Was just a child I
Thought if I grew up I
Would become numb

But seeing me now I
Wonder if it’s just the
Other way around and
You got softer with
Every year that passed

And seeing you now I
Wonder if you felt just
The same when
You were my age and
Were insecure.

Remember her kiss
The way it felt on
Your untouched skin
Just one more hug and
Then you were fine but
Today it’s harder,
you’re all alone but
You’re not lonely

You got your friends though
They were not here like
You from the start
This world revolves around
You alone and looking at the
Past you noticed just
How much you’ve changed.

If I’d give you
The chance to go back
To your old self back
To your early teens
Tell me would you
Give yourself just
One more hint at
The things to come

Or would you watch it
The child that you were and
Notice that there was no
Other way for you to live
And that it’s better in this
Way it happened

Well I did so and
I think I’m fine with
Me just right now.


Mercutio is still alive

As stupid as it sounds
Your eyes are like the stars
I just can’t find other words
To describe it, I’m sorry!
For what I feel for you, Juliet
I think I really am like Romeo
Or, no, I aint, cause, I think I don’t have his luck!
Because you were in love with him, weren’t you, Juliet?
But you don’t love me… Or do you?

Maybe this describes it the best.
I simply have no clue
About the feelings in your heart
Do you like me, love me, hate me
Or are you bored of me all along?
The thing is, If you hate me, say it.
Because I’m just to hypnotized by you
To stop my loving on my own.

The thing is
I just like the way you smile
And I think you’re really cute and…
Don’t give me this look!...

God, I’d really like to kiss you!
God, I’d really like to kiss you!
God, I’d really like to kiss you!

That is all I wanted to say, for now.
But I didn’t…

I know, I know, I am just a fool in love!
But hey, Mercutio is still alive!


The masterplan

Tell me, father
What ist he difference
Between an electron and me
Because I think there’s none
Human life is merely an energy
Like particles we collide and fly around
But is the direction in which me fly
Our own decision or are our paths set
Can we decide on our own
Is our imagination real
Or are we just programs
Doing what we are supposed to do
For father, I think my mission
Is to observe this flow of humanity
I’m a mere tool to control the system’s working
Though I’d like to break it
My problem is
I don’t know if in the end
This turns out the way that was planned

For… For me.

I think, therefore I am


White clouds and a red moon

White clouds are covering
The moon that shines in red.
The moon my eyes desired to see
To blind them? No, to clean
Them from the fake reality that hovers
In this atmosphere for twenty thousand years.
For what you call insanity
Is just a way of seeing the world
In the way it really is


I go insane, but I know it

My friend, my friend, my friend
I go insane, but I know it!
Say, did you , did you, did you
Know that when you become mad
Your not the one who’s wrong
But rather, the world’s becoming right
Right for you. For you to life in
For you to life in without the need to
Smash your brain against the wall.


My friend, my friend, my friend
I go insane, but I know it!
And I am kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kissing
Girls because they are my princess
And I start running from Devil agents
They’re following me since the day did believe them
To be real, real, real in my world
For I am the key to unlock the last secret of the world
And no, I don’t need you,
Since I’m the god I always wanted to be.


My friend, my friend, my friend
I go insane, but I know it!
And all I do is Cry, cry, cry all day
Because I go insane, but I know it!
I go insane and I know it!
But will never end it.
All the hands reach out and pull me from reality
To this world, this world, this world
My neverland
And all the devils and agents and the sickness
And Queen Victoria is in, for real
Please, help me, help me, help me, help me, please!
I’m really sick of it.


I Have Killed God Today

High Noon at heavens gate
God pulls his gun and yes, I’m pulling mine
A quick shot and fathers going down
My job is done, I’m going home

I have killed your god today,
I have killed your god today

And there is nothing you can do
I’m going home
I’m going home
And all I take’s the price that I deserve

Hello, mother, I am all free right now.


What ever they say you are, you’re more

All adult, all adult,
Nobody knows what’s inside your heart
Being the joker for their lies so laugh
You’re more than they will ever be

So now they want you to sing
They want you to sing and dance, yeah
But deep down inside of your mind
Inside of your mind’s no fun, yeah

And though you smile is no fake
It is no fake it is just part of you
Just never try to disguise
Never try to hide your true face to you

Yes we can change
We can change
Who we are in this world
They’ll never see who we are
They’ll never see who we are
In this world

They still tell me
They tell me
That I’m cold
Got no heart
That I’m cold
Got no heart
But I’m just trying
To tell you what I want
Not what I am
What I want
Not what I am


You know you are my wondergirl

I will never ever really hate you, my love
Please forgive me for that, right now
It was all my fault to fell in love with you
I can’t make it undone right now
No, I really can’t make it all gone right now
But maybe It is you, the one who can.

My eyes are burning
Every time I read your enigmatic letters
Showing me how much you could care
Telling me that I will never ever have a single chance
Are you that cruel or do you just don’t know?
Or do you just not care?
Because I’ll do
I’ll care for you
For the rest of my so irrelevant life.

Girl, you are the biggest misery that I could find in town.

And I could cry
I could cry
I could, girl, really, I could cry out so loud right now
But I won’t
It’s just one thing I’d never ever do.
Being afraid of letting go in front of you.

Turn around for me
I’d do it myself, I fear I am not fast enough
For you
For you

Girl, you’re always that one step ahead of me.


See you tomorrow, I am still not completely over you


Wonderland ~ Bodyswitch

Like seeing your memory
Like living a thousand lives at once

Seeing you turn in a slow motion
There are rainbow strings that
Are following every single of your moves

Heartbeats are nothing that individuals
Heartbeats are the thing we got in common
Cause looking at the waves you leave in mid-air
I notice the happiness you feel.

Come here now.
Come here now.
Hug me because it’s you who needs some love.
I want to give you the things you told me
I want to give you happiness back.
For the one who brought it
To me the first time

It was you.



Chasing light spirits
Though the park
A bewildered tombstone
Sets a mark
Separating the light and dark
Sides of the world

Making a step
Watching the fireflies all die
A cold wind is blowing here
Still I feel so warm
I feel protected

Twilight, you are a friend of me


Don’t hide, just seek!I

f you just raise up your arm
Heaven is just a thing inside your hand!

Run, Run, Run! As far as
Your feet take you!

Chasing through
Nightly forests
Gloomy woodsides

There is no darkness
Black enough
To fog your eyes!

Smell the cold air
And taste the rainstorm
Coming close to you
Beyond horizon

Beyond horizon
Lays another white light sun

The shadows! The shadows
And with the pitch black night inside your back
You walk into a golden morning!

Don’t hide, just seek!



The grow-up song.  

My friend, I’m sorry
I am not the one
That I was until yesterday
You got new friends
To which I don’t belong
But that’s okay
Some things get broken as
This planet turns around

You don’t know
How much you mean
To me
And I don’t know
How much I mean
To you.
There might be people
That may act like friends to you
But never forget
That I know you like no other does
I know you like no other does 

My brother, I’m sorry
I am not the one
That I was until yesterday
You choose your personal path
And I just made my way
But that’s okay
Some things get broken as
This planet turns around

I probably love and hate you
As strong as any single human could.
For you are my shadow.
And the things I miss
Are the treasures that belong to you.
I am the desert
You are the sea.
You are the sea. 

My parents, I am so sorry
I am not the one
That I was until yesterday
You planned my life
But I planned differently
But that’s okay
Some things get broken as
This planet turns around

My face doesn’t look
The way you’d like
To see it.
Your voice doesn’t sound
The way I’d like
To hear it.
And at the end of the day
You will scream
And I will fight
But I just want you to know
That I never meant to make
You cry
No, I never meant to make
You cry 

Dear world, I am so sorry
I am not the one
That I was until yesterday
But I am the one that I
Just always wanted to be
And that’s okay.
Yes, I think that is okay, cause… 

Some things get broken 

Some things get stolen 

Some things get crushed 

Some things get build 

Some things get loved 

Some things get born as 

This planet turns around.

A pitch-black ending

I’m fine
I’m fine with going
I’m happy I’ll be going home
I’m okay with the fact
That I’m about to die.

I dreamed some time
But now I am awake

With a wide smile
Upon my face
I drown inside your eyes

And I sink deep
I sink down to the ground

But my memory stays
Along with you
My friends
At the shores
Of this world
That we once called our home.

So this must be
What they call

A pitch-black ending


The perfect moment

I looked up in the face of Pan
I bowed down before his throne of rock
In the deepest forest I would ever see
That day.

The sound of wind between the leafs
The smell of water that was gone
The shades of green
The shades of gray
The shine of white

Even my parents smiled at me.

It was the perfect moment 

I wish you were there.


The life of a dead boy

The Night’s born and
I hear your warning
But I’m not listening
I tell you I just take a walk and
When sun is down
I’ve left this town

Good Bye, Mother
Good Bye, Father
Good Bye, Sadness
Good Bye, Sorrow

This boy’s a hollow
But he’s a good one
No time to speak
Just a moment to kiss
I’ll bite your neck
Your bruise will be my signature
Your body is my territory
Kill everyone who enters
Once I've left this town

Good Bye, Girlfriend
Good Bye, My Muse
Good Bye, My Hopes
Good Bye, My Dreams

Under the old willow
I meet my doom
She looks pretty
A flower in bloom
The End of myself
The End of my life
The End of life itself
The End of the world

Welcome, Mother
Welcome, Father,
Welcome, Sadness
Welcome, Sorrow
Welcome, Girlfriend
Welcome, My Muse
Welcome, My Hopes
Welcome, My Dreams
Welcome, My Death
Welcome, Myself
Welcome, My God





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